Playgroup to Middle School: Pre Kindy - Yr 9

Our Wembley Campus caters to children from early childhood through middle school, with classrooms in a picturesque setting connected to the natural world. Here children can develop a sense of belonging to a community and a connection to nature.


College: Years 10 - 12

Located in the heart of Maylands, our beautiful College campus is close to the train, café strip, wonderful arts organisations and the magnificent sports and recreation facility, the Rise. It is a perfect place for young adults to explore, and we endeavour to promote connections with our community at every opportunity.


Early Childhood: Pre-Kindy to Pre-Primary

For some children, coming to school may be their first experience of venturing outside the family unit. The BPCS Early Childhood programs seek to provide a gentle transition for children from home into a group setting. Our priority is ensuring each child feels safe, secure and supported.

Lower Primary: Years 1 - 2

These first years of full-time school are a delicate time in children's development. During this phase, our educators sensitively nurture children's inclination towards imagination, exploration and curiosity, balanced with providing foundational conventions of literacy and numeracy expected of the curriculum.

Upper Primary: Years 3 - 6

Upper primary (years 3 – 6) is a time of mastery where children become eager to spread their wings and show their capabilities. During these years, they consolidate and gain academic fluency and expand their concept of self socially and emotionally.

Middle School: Years 7 - 9

The community class grouping of our middle school offers our students a friendly environment where they can continue to expand their concept of self and belonging as they seek to become increasingly independent.

Wilderness Playgroup

The Wilderness Playgroup connects our young members and their families with nature by basing this experience entirely in an outdoor environment. An educator facilitates our Wilderness Playgroup, encouraging curiosity and deep sensory engagement in the natural world.

Specialist Environments

Dedicated Outdoor Classroom

From the beginning, learning out in nature has played a leading role in the Bold Park approach. We regularly utilise outdoor learning spaces from our gardens, Wildspaces, and Galup (Lake Monger) to our local communities. The Wildspaces on our Wembley campus provide deep play and adventurous opportunities from hut building and fire lighting to tool work.

Integrated Arts

Arts-centric environments can holistically engage us through our senses, intellect, and emotions, linking thinking and feeling. Very often, it is through the arts that the spark and motivation emerge to drive a yearlong learning project. These deeply integrated projects enliven the classrooms, unite the group, and bring meaning and purpose to curriculum learning.

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